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Who  |   Claire (autophoenix ), Edward (likealocalgod ), Jessica (yournewbff ), Mike Newton (teamhuman), Various Forksians (forksextras )
What |   The Girls' Choice Spring Dance approacheth...
Where | "Butler" residence / Forks High School; Dusk
When |  6 weeks after the accident.

  The 'incident' with the van might not have revealed Claire's secret to the world, but it did manage to attract her a certain degree of fame that had her brother cutting her glares in the hallways whenever Mike, Jess, Eric, and company swooped in on her at any opportune moments they could find to bombard her with questions about what had happened.  The curiosity only seemed to spread outward from their group like a flame, and as the days went by, more and more classmates started descending on her for details, losing their hesitance at broaching her 'new girl' bubble, in their quest for gossip.  

Tyler in particular proved fixated on the idea of 'making amends' for what might have happened, even though Claire hadn't been injured, and took every opportunity to stalk her class to class, offering to carry her books, buy her lunch, or whatever other inane task he could come up with.  He'd become a regular at their already crowded lunch table, and while Jessica seemed annoyed eventually by the extra attention Claire was eliciting, she at least seemed glad Tyler was there to put a buffer between Claire and Mike.  Eric and Mike seemed to even find some common ground, bonding together in their frustration at Tyler's sudden attempts at cockblocking the both of them.  They treated him with even more ridiculous machismo than they did one another in Claire's presence, which made lunch periods basically insufferable at times.

Not a single person, however, seemed to take their questions or attention and focus it on Edward Cullen.

Edward remained untouchable to the rest of the student body, protected by whatever it was about the Cullens that tended to keep everyone at bay from them in the first place.

a great divide between us nowCollapse )
[Spike stared as Andrew left the apartment, a supermodel on each arm. Bloody Italy. It never ended well. And the goddamn Immortal. Stealing Buffy away like Spike hadn't given up everything for her, including his life. He'd gotten a soul for her, dedicated his life to her, connected to her like he'd connected to no one else, and still she slipped away.

And it wasn't even Angel stealing her away. Not that Spike particularly wanted that, either, but at least losing girls to Angel was familiar. Why did Buffy always make things complicated, even when she wasn't there? And since when was Andrew dating women?

He glanced over at Angel.]
Well... maybe it's time we left?

[Before Angel could answer, there was the scratchy sound of a key going into a lock, a click, and the door swung open to reveal the girl herself. Buffy, standing there, looking just as beautiful as the last time he saw her. More beautiful, even. Spike stared at her, then turned to look at Angel.]

I quit.
21 November 2011 @ 09:44 pm
[ When Elena stumbles downstairs this morning, she'll find Damon in the kitchen. Cooking. He looks a lot better than last week, all things considered. The fact that there's an iota of color in his face, for instance. Of course, his betterness is pretty superficial. The fact is, Stefan's gone, he's been working his ass off to track a guy who doesn't even want to be found, and it's just generally not good for his mental state.

Which is why he's burying it. And making omelettes.
] Alaric let me in between drunken comas. [ He explains with an amused look when she comes into the doorway, not looking away from the stove. ]
21 November 2011 @ 09:29 pm
Osiris, here lies the warrior of the people. Let her cross over. Osiris, let her cross over. Osiris, release her!

[ Buffy gasped as air was suddenly forced back into her lungs. As life was suddenly forced back into her body, stuffed and crammed like a tent that no longer fit back into its case. She had the acute feeling of suffocating despite the fact that she was getting more oxygen than she had in -- God, how long had it been?

She raised her hands, planting her palms against the piece of wood in front of her, pushing. It didn't give. She pushed harder. The weight bearing down on it bore down against the bones of her palms and hurt. She drew her hands back and looked around in a sudden panic, processing.

No. No. She shouldn't be here. And not just in the gee, look, a coffin sense. In the here sense. No. She was supposed to be back there. There, where it was -- was warm and safe and not ... not anything like this. The panic made her grow more frantic and she beat harder on the lid of the coffin, punching through it. She tore wood away and let the dirt sink in. She dug her bleeding hands up through it to force her way out of the weight on her.

The process felt like it took a million years. Breathing once her upper body was pulled out of the dirt took longer. She panted, a tingling numbness overtaking her as she looked around at the steady build of chaos. Fires were set in the cemetery. Gravestones knocked over.


Slowly, she turned around, dread filling her.

1981 - 2001



Vaguely, her mind registered. That was her. That was who she was supposed to be. She was dead. She stared, unfeeling, unable to process. Hollow and cold and in pain and alone. Everything she'd had, gone. If she was supposed to be Buffy, and Buffy was dead ... then, who was she?
21 November 2011 @ 08:58 pm
Who: Jo Harvelle and Riley Finn
What: A chance encounter while hunting shit.
When: ... sometime. WHENEVER WE WANT.
Where: Placerville, California

Read more...Collapse )
04 November 2011 @ 03:06 am
Who: Buffy and Spike
Where: Rome, Buffy's apartment
What: So Spike was framed for stealing the Pope hat by the Immortal. He and Buffy broke into the Vatican to try and prove his innocence. This turned out to be an awful idea, and they got arrested. Spike probably could have helped more if it wasn't cross central. Anyhow, they're represented by Wolfram and Hart (thanks, Angel!) so they should be able to get out pretty quickly. But first, they have to spend a night in prison.

for the life of a deputyCollapse )
03 October 2011 @ 05:00 pm
Who: Aladdin & Open
What: Aladdin gets up to mischief
When/Where: Gumdrop Meadows... the FIVE YEARS GONE edition.  Except more like... one year.  They've all been living there that long, yep.  Things are darker in... Disney terms, which means no one is a stripper.  Probably.  They're all just fat.  From too much candy.  J/k Aladdin still looks beautiful.    Flynn and Aladdin tried to steal from the Beast.  Oops.

[Look, a street rat's gotta do with a street rat's gotta do and sometimes that means leaving someone else as the fall guy.  Sorry, Flynn.   You shouldn't have said 'yes' when he asked 'do you trust me?'  

Anyways, the Ginger Police are after him! chasing him through town, shouting things like "Faith and Begorrah, we'll get you yet!" and other really stereotypical Irish shit, waving their little candy canes, and drunkenly ... running into candy poles, while Aladdin clambers up the side of a building, using gumdrops as handholds.   He looks down below and sees them lugging out something that looks a lot like a bazooka, stuffing Gobstoppers in the end like cannonballs.]

... This really seems like overkill, guys.  [He clambers up onto the building top and looks around wildly, before breaking off the only thing he can see right now: a giant licorice stick drain pipe attached to the side of the building. He hoists it in his hands, looking across to the next rooftop.  He takes a deep breath and then runs, using it as pole vault thing but

it's a fucking licorice stick so it bends in the middle as he does that and deposits him down straight into the empty space between the two buildings. ]

Whoa whoa whoa!  [He manages to aim himself at a puffy marshmallow canopy, which crumples under his weight onto the stand it was covering.  People shout in confusion and he tries to wriggle free.  Man that stuff is sticky.]  Uh, sorry!  

[open to action replies of any kind, feel free to throw in NPCs and stuff!]
27 August 2011 @ 02:47 am
What the fuck do brothers do?
20 August 2011 @ 02:18 am


ONE.Post your character to this post.

TWO. Whoever comments can roll for a number from this list or choose their own, and then ... thread it with the other person. o_o Rocket science rite??